Which GEMROLLER is right for me?

A M E T H Y S T :: Calm the mind, body and the skin with amethyst. This roller is particularly good for redness, inflammation, rosacea and other skin irritations. Rolling with amethyst promotes cellular regeneration, tones and tightens the skin and will give you a youthful glow.

C L E A R  Q U A R T Z :: Remove energy blocks in both your emotional body and your physical body with clear quartz. The quartz roller is known for boosting energy levels, improving circulation and detoxifying the skin. Clear quartz is highly programmable and can be programmed with your own specific intentions for your skin.

A V E N T U R I N E :: Attract luck, abundance, a positive outlook and a zest for life with aventurine. This roller is used to promote cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation and can calm allergic reactions on the skin.

J A D E :: Relieve stress, ease muscle tension and relax with Jade. This roller will cool the skin, reduce inflammation, puffiness, redness and other skin irritations. Rolling with jade is known to promote cellular regeneration and give you a healthy glow.

O B S I D I A N :: Obsidian is a powerful stone for cleansing negative energy from the mind, body and environment, offering protection and assisting with clear boundaries. This roller is specific for detoxifying the skin, promoting lymph drainage and improving acne prone skin and breakouts.

T I G E R‘ S  E Y E :: Get rid of self doubt, boost confidence and manifest your dreams with tiger’s eye. Good for all complexions, this roller is wonderfully balancing for the skin, promotes cellular regeneration, will tone, tighten and detoxify the skin.

R O S E  Q U A R T Z :: Attract love into your life, love yourself and strengthen your feminine energy with rose quartz. Using rose quartz in beauty rituals dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians who believed the stone prevented wrinkles and reduced the effects of aging. Associated with the element of water, it also flushes toxins out of the skin and promotes a healthy glow.