:: Chinese royals have been using Jade rollers for centuries. Now we can use these beauty secrets for ourselves! And, with GEMROLLERS we have more precious stones with unique attributes which can customize your experience!

:: Facial rollers increase increase circulation, tone and tighten the skin, boost collagen production and help move lymph from your face, reducing puffiness and clarifying your skin giving you a healthy glow.

:: Use with your favorite face serum or moisturizer to work it fully into your skin.

:: Facial rollers will become your favorite part of your daily beauty ritual!

How to Use Your GEMROLLER

:: Start out with a clean face, you don’t want to work make-up or dirt into your pores.

:: Then apply your favorite moisturizer or face serum and work into your face with your fingers in a circular motion.

:: Using gentle pressure roll your GEMROLLER in an upward direction, starting from your jaw and work your way up towards your hairline.

:: Rolling in an upward direction will improve absorption of moisturizer into the skin.

:: Roll horizontally across your forehead and up towards your hairline.

:: Use the small end to work gently around your eyes and mouth.

:: Roll over each area a few times.

:: Finish with rolling down your neck away from your face to complete moving lymph away from the face.

:: You may enjoy storing your Gemstone Roller in the refrigerator or freezer for even more cooling action.

How To Clean Your GEMROLLER

:: Simply clean your GEMROLLER with a little soapy water when done, rinse with clean water and store in a dry location so the metal fittings don’t rust.


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